From the Old World comes our workmanship…

In the mid 20th century, the DeMelo family brought from the old world the coveted traditions of exquisite landscape design — influenced by the importance of establishing a relationship between healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people. What our contemporary society today calls “green industry” was the basis of the early work of the DeMelo Brothers as they employed the use of organic products, and strived to reuse, recycle and restore elements in the daily practice of their growing landscaping business. Maintaining an experienced, trained and loyal crew to deliver the family’s promise of personalized service in exemplary detail was at the heart of the company’s performance and continues today with some employees serving the company for more than 20 years.

Over the years, DeMelo Brothers Landscaping has maintained a history of customer loyalty for which the company — now owned and managed by the son and daughter of the founder — is understandably proud. DeMelo Brothers Landscaping continues its tradition of offering full service — with award-winning designs in residential, commercial and institutional landscaping appearing all over Cape Cod, Boston and southeastern Massachusetts.

Headquartered on Cape Cod, in the village of Marstons Mills, DeMelo Brothers Landscaping has four specialized divisions with expert professionals leading each. The skilled leadership of the company has allowed the organization to move into areas of innovative service, adopting emerging technologies to improve delivery and advancing the use of organic elements in many segments

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